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Celebrities Surprising Fans ( AMAZING )

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Celebrities Surprising Fans ( AMAZING )

Ariana Grande Surprises Fans While They Sing “One Last Time”

Even though Ariana is so successful, She still had that cute bubbly childish personality.. She’s so heartwarming..

Undercover Lyft with Demi Lovato

Watch Demi Lovato take a break from her Future Now tour and CAST speaking events to go undercover as a Lyft driver. Even after some Jonas Brothers jokes and a few performances behind the wheel, passengers in Denver never saw it coming. Sometimes our brain play with us. Just like sometimes you know this person is hella familiar, yet you kept denying it because it seems so impossible. But you already snse it.

Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Surprises People on Hollywood Blvd.

Jennifer Lawrence such a beautiful actress, some people are still not recognizing , Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence goes out to Hollywood Blvd. to see if anyone can name five of her movies.

Jimmy and Miley Cyrus Photobomb Fans!

Miley Cyrus and Jimmy photobomb unsuspecting fans while they’re sitting in the chair from The Voice.

Hope no one get heart attack haha i love miley since she’s Hanna Montanna, and Sara to 😂

Taylor Swift Meets Her Biggest Fan!

Ellen surprised one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans by bringing her on the stage to meet Taylor face-to-face. Watch her emotional response to the meeting of a lifetime! I can see why young people like Taylor Swift. She’s sets a good example, very talented and genuinely a nice young lady. Probably the best the entertainment industry has to offer.

Ed surprises fan singing his song at the Mall!

Right when he started singing with her she got nervous and his voice overpowered hers… than Ed being the gentleman he is, put the mic more to her and lowered his voice a bit.. gotta respect that!

A Surprise for a Loving One Direction Fan

One of the band’s biggest fans had lots of hugs and kisses in store after receiving an awesome surprise!

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