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Celebrities who couldn’t stop laughing!

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Smiles and laughs are contagious they say, I agree one hundred percent because this video will end up making you smile after you see your favorite celebrities getting a laughter fit on screen. But make sure you’re somewhere away from your parents while watching this video because the smile on your face might make them think you have a secret relationship. So let’s look at celebrities who couldn’t stop laughing

Britney Spears

The American top-charts singer couldn’t help her laughter fits during an interview back in 2003. People loved how she cracked at the sight of a Japanese guy’s picture who she had previously met during her promotional tour

Mariah Carey

Her adorable subtle laugh has the heart of every fan. It was only when she ended up laughing for several minutes gracefully in one of her interviews at the mention of her yearbook picture where all her fans had that “aww” moment


This queen gave her fans something to obsess over after she called a fan over on the stage and asked where he was from and cracked in to a fit of laughter after he replied “Regina, Saskatchewan!”because she had never heard of the place before!

Niall Horan

During an interview in Spain back in 2013,Niall and Harry couldn’t control their laughter while the interviewer asked questions from Liam.Niall’s laugh literally lightened up the room and he couldn’t even drink his water because of the laughter

Jennifer Lopez

It was Ellen’s birthday bash but Jennifer was the one who had a laughing fit.She just couldn’t stop laughing about her dance-off with Melissa McCarthy and well fans find it just as adorable

Kanye West

The singer and designer who we haven’t seen with a face curve a lot couldn’t stop laughing at a guy dressed as a tree who made some “yeezy” joke.I mean what a delight it must’ve been to watch him crack up


The famous waka waka song singer couldn’t contain her laughter in one of her interviews and ended up toppling over in her couch with extreme dopamine rush. It’s so heartwarming watching her have that gorgeous wide smile isn’t it

Ed Sheeran

The romance king singer couldn’t help but break into a fit of laughter when Ariana Grande declared about her love for “the big black balls”.I mean we all found that one funny!


On his live stream on Rihanna on Instagram, Drake broke into fits of laughter while he and Rihanna kept on roasting each other. It’s fun to have friends who you can laugh your insults off with no?


It’s so hard to see this guy laugh or smile but looks like a radio station interviewer found his way around bringing a smile on Eminem’s face when he asked Eminem who he was and he replied with its not who its “how” since everyone knows him.

Also you can watch full video of these singers Who can stao laughting!

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