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Charasteristics of zodiac signs ( You Have To Know )

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Aries – Fire sign. Motto: I am

Characteristics: entrepreneur, brave, impulsive, stubborn, dynamic, energetic, but with unstable wills. There is physical beauty on this sign.
A physically activities lover. They love adventure, they can’t stay in “jail”, they wont neither wait for things to happend itself, their’re always looking for quest.
You usually speak without looking and analyzing. This announces offending to others, but still your attitudes leaves positive at others.
Planet: Mars
Disadvantage: Arrogant, Reckless.

Taurus – Earth sign. Motto:I have!

Characteristics: Stable, durable, persistent.There is a clear will at this sign.A home and family person.
Given after economic achievements. Do not give up easy. Loves luxury things. You are patient but do not tell.
Sometimes you are jealous, sometimes you dont want to know about jealousy.You do not feel comfortable In new environments, you have always have the thought
the of being an unwanted guest.
Planet: Venus
Disadvantage: Possessive, Pressing.


Gemini – Air sign. Motto: I think!

Characteristics: Curious, Agile, communicative, sociable, capable. It has a youthful look and spirit.
You are eloquent in speech, diplomatic and inexhaustible source of new ideas. You’re always looking for new things.
You usually come across a problem because you react quickly and judge incorrectly. you forget to see the facts before you react.
Planet: Mercury
Disadvantage: Superficial anU ngrateful.


Cancer – Water sign.Motto: I feel!

Characteristics: Dedicated, mysterious, has strong imagination. Given to home and family.
Has weak will and is averse to drinking. It’s the most emotional sign of the zodiac. On the outside you look stronger, on the inside you are very broken.
You need emotional support, but keep your feelings and problems inside. Wanting to possess. Wanting to deal with the past.
They dont spend the money easily.
Planet: (satellite) Moon
Disadvantage: Extremely sensitive, Grasping.


Leo – Fire sign. Motto: I want!

Characteristics: Wants to be in the spotlight. Will command, suppress, is authoritarian. It’s so generous, stylish.
If it embarks on a religious path, it becomes dogmatic. You have the ability to dramatize, so sometimes you use this for attention of others.
Pride is the biggest problem you have. Your confident in yourself and feel that you can do anything.
Planet: The sun
Disadvantage: Snobbery.


Virgo / Earth sign. Motto: I analyze!

Characteristics: precise, conscientious, rational, distrustful. An excellent contributor that you can always count on.
He believes more in reason than in intuition. You present yourself to the world as a calm person and in control of every situation,but definitely has a
high degree nervousness and concern. However you are always trying to improve yourself. You analyze things in detail, and this limits your imagination and creativity.
Planet: Mercury
Disadvantage: Complexity, Miserly


Libra – Air sign. Motto: I measure!

Characteristics: caring, discreet, harmonious, tastes good and its a good looking one. It’s diplomat at work, and loves teamwork. You have a high degree of elegance.
You spend money without control. Avoid situations that may cause problems. Make others feel good in your company.
Planet: Venus
Disadvantage: Capricious, Spends a lot.


Scorpio – Water sign. Motto: I wish!

Characteristics: have a strong will, are dynamic, distracted, persistent, serious, loyal, possessive. They are enigmatic, mysterious.
They are very extreme people. They can be described as powerful and weak, as emotional and cold. You are a person’s combination of emotions
of the best and the worst. Intensity is the key to your personality and everything you do. Success is an important goal for you.
You are very persistent, do everything to achieve what you want. They do everything for friends. Their motto is: All or nothing.
Planet: Pluto
Disadvantage: Jealous


Sagittarius – Fire sign. Motto: I understand! 

Characteristics: loves freedom, is enthusiastic, sports lover, greedy, but almost always on the side of the law.
You are generous and willing to help others. Sincerity and humor are your positive side. Mostly you are in good shape, but if you get the negative mood
then find it difficult to get out.
Planet: Jupiter
Disadvantage: It lacks courage.


Capricorn – Earth sing. Motto: I utilize!

Characteristics: serious, thoughtful, ambitious, aims for success at a older age. He is persistent, he has great will, he is wise. It accomplishes whatever it is dedicated to.
It does not require gratitude for itself. It controls feelings. Motivated by the power of success, health and status. You are persistent, organized and in many cases know
how to be patient. Be careful with money, you know how to save. You are responsive, practical and cool.
Planet: Saturn
Disadvantage: shameful.


Aquarius – Air sign. Motto: I know!

Characteristics: Individualistic, original, unconventional, contravers, elusive, entertaining, attractive. You hate control. Full of ideas,
but you must learn to listen to others too. Commitments are important for you, you want to be on team to show your qualities. You hate physical work.
Planet: Uranus
Disadvantage: Selfish towards relatives and humane towards others


Pisces – Water sign. Motto: I believe!

Characteristics: non-direct, enigmatic, romantic, hypersensitive, selective person. Symbol of the universal man. Tolerant, emotional, but a leader at work.
He lives in the world of imagination. He has strong intuition, is a visionary and an excellent mediator. Sometimes you have the feeling that you do not belong to this world.
You have talent and wonderful charm. You have great ideas and plans, but you have to tell them. You do not judge others according to what they did but according to
their spiritual interior.
Planet: Neptune
Disadvantage: Duality



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