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Here are the Hollywood stars who have said ‘yes’ to their fans

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Taylor Swift

The singer accompanied in 2008 one of the graduates, who even today claims that everyone remembers him as the student who went to the party with the idol of teenagers.


He has stated that he never imagined that Rihanna would accompany him to prom night. But the “Work” star was generous and decided to fulfill the teenager’s greatest wish, in 2007.

Tupac Shakur

One of the endless fans of the legendary hip hop star, wrote to her for a long time to accompany her to the prom night, since she was separated from her boyfriend. A month after receiving the letter, Tupac gave her money to buy the most beautiful evening dress and accompanied the girl throughout the night. After dancing a few songs in a row and getting everyone’s attention, it looks like he left.
“He told me he had work to do, he kissed me and left. I will never forget his kindness, ”the girl said some time later

Mila Kunis

In 2011, an American Marine made a video on YouTube asking the actress to become his companion in the annual balloon. The “Friend’s With Benefits” star gladly accepted, without hesitation at all. Mila Kunis goes to marine ball

Demi Lavato

She reportedly kept her promise early on that she was going out with her childhood friend on prom night. Not even fame, success and popularity made the Disney star forget his old friends.

Justin Bieber

There are endless girls who dream of having Justin Bieber as their partner (at least for one night). But the bravest turned out to be the most winning as well. After showing her greatest desire through the internet, he responded positively to her request. And not only that, shortly after the evening, Bieber thanked the girl through a status.
“Thank you for making me feel normal. I really appreciate it. ”

Katy Perry

She really fulfilled the dream of teenagers in 2010, gathering a group of young people from Australia. Not only did she enjoy the evening endlessly, but she also performed some songs from her repertoire and beyond.
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