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Here’s how much the world’s most famous people pay for Instagram-sponsored posts!

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We’ve all heard of wealthy influencers who have become famous based on their Instagram audience and now travel around the world posting beautiful pictures in order to get paid by sponsors. Like it or not, ‘influencuer’ is a real profession in 2019 and can be a lucrative and profitable business – but how much do these people actually get paid? Is it true celebrities are earning a million dollars for an Instagram post?

And the results are sometimes shocking:

As you can see, the biggest names on Instagram are earning about a million dollars per post.
To determine how much each of these influencers requires, Hopper first created a list of potential influencers, based on their “size, commitment, and impact.” The Hopper team then tried to contact each of the influencers listed to get more information about the amount they are asking for the post:
“We contacted all users asking for the price for a sponsored post. Each user was contacted directly or through an agent. It’s clear that these people are making a lot of money from their Instagram followers, and that being an “influencer” for some people is a lucrative full-time career.

Hopper’s team conducted research on the price of a post sponsored by major Instagram users.

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