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Songs that always puts you in your feels?

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Happier – Ed Sheeran

This song hits diffetently when you are suddenly able to relate to the lyrics! “You’re happier, aren’t you..”💔- It’s probably the saddest thing you can tell your ex when you’re holding back the tears, hoping they won’t spill out your eyes. And facing the person you love the most, then saying those 4 words. When you walk away from that person who meant so much to you, you would hope for them to pull you back. But in reality they just let you walk away.. cause not everything lasts forever.. even when you thought you had his heart there’s always someone with a spare key to unlock it.😕


Sia – Breathe Me!

People say she’s ugly, others say she’s gorgeous. She looks like any normal person in this world. Her voice should be called gorgeous and the only person who is ugly are those calling her ugly.This song is exactly how I felt when I was suicidal. Listening to this it gave me hope that I wasn’t alone and I could go on.


Labrinth – Jealous Lyrics!

This song is so emotional and his voice is so strong that even without pictures that show it we can imagine how he’s feeling inside our head ✨💖😔. This song was written about his father who left his family when he was very young and later in life his father is with a new family and seems happy.

Kodaline – All I Want

The worst feeling in the world is loving someone you know doesn’t love you back!I feel like i cant breathe while listening to this. every single memory starts coming back then the tears rush down and im thinking about the times i was actually happy and didnt have to fake it all day. now im feeling chills while writing this. its tough being the “strong happy friend”


Birdy – Skinny Love!

This song still hits me like a truck. Destructive, selfless, and love!  Skinny Love, by definition, is a relationship between two friends who both love each other deeply but never have the courage to admit their true feelings – leaving the other stranded when they move on from those emotions in attempt to save themselves from heartbreak.


Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes!

Sam Smith is basically a male Adele. Bless you, if you’re down, remember it’s only temporary, turn you pain into power, to whoever reading this I Love You 😘


Halsey – Sorry!

This girl has a great voice and a great sense of choosing lyrics for her songs.It is a very deep track from the beauty of Halsey’s heart. In the song, Halsey laments about the insecurities she felt, and how it was a part of her relationship.


NF // If You Want Love!

When your happy you enjoy the music when you’re sad you understand the lyrics! Real love is something that everybody wants, but it is hard to obtain. It requires a lot of hard work, change, and pain, but it is all worth it in the end.


Billie Eilish, Khalid – lovely

Billie Eilish songs ,are so amazing and meaningful ,she is so talented I just became a fan of her today ,I listen to all of her songs,this song lovely is the most beautiful,adorable song that I have ever hard.



This song brought me to tears and I don’t even have anything to be sad about.
This one goes to Kobe Bryant, his daughter and everyone who lost their lives in that tragedy, at Sunday. May God heal everyone’s hearts. 😢

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