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Songs That i found in your playlist ( Current Chart )

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if you want to be part of the video which we post every month on our channel (Current Chart) There are some small rules you need to complete! First of all thank you for everything you have done for us, I will be grateful for my whole life! 

so what do you have to do to be part of that video ( Songs That i found in your playslit! ) 

1: you must first download this song! 

Downlod this song,and unpload on your channel!

2: after you download, you should now publish on your channel! 

3: after you publish it, you need to create a playlist with this song and 5 other underrated good songs you want to be in the video! do not forget to call that playlsit by the name of my channel! ( Current Chart )

After all this ,you have to comment on our last video called ( Songs That I found In Your Playlsit )

Just comment : ( i have complitet all rules to be part of this video )

This rule is just to keep my channel alive! 

because this singer which you will put in your channel, they will pay us for the support we will give! so every month there will be new singer who want to keep our channel alive Current Chart!

Yours Current Chart!

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Current Chart

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