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TOP 15 Songs that makes you feel instantly happy?

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Songs from my childhood, mostly from 2010 – 2014. That time point was happiest I’ve ever been, even now. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to when I was careless and when everything was easier. When I feel that way, I listen to songs that remind me of the good old days.

15.Bruno Mars – Grenade

When people come back to look at these videos it just shows how we all miss this kind of good music. When music was real & had a meaning to it.

14.Katy Perry – California Gurls

This was a BOP when it came out my last year of high school, 2010! I CAN’T BELIEVE it was ten years ago…her concert in 2011 was lit – best costumes, SMOKE FILLED BUBBLES, changing 10 dif dresses on stage at once, giant candy and cats, then they sprayed you with cotton candy scented foam while she did this song this during finale.

13.Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

I still remember when I was in high school, I spent two-month learning how to whistle during the commute in my father’s car every day just because I listened to this song!

12.Pharrell Williams – Happy

You spend your childhood wanting to grow up and spend your adulthood wishing you were a child again!

11.Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Remember when it was 2010 and Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Avril Lavigne were just everywhere! As a kid I thought that when Katy wears that red popstar thingy that means hot and the others its cold like idk wtf.

10.Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

THIS is the kind of crazy good vocals today songs need and they’ll sky rocket, I’m sure. Anyone knows any today artists that sing as powerfully as this? we don’t care what year your listening in this song is just simply amazing and we don’t care when your listening to this!

9.LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

They were the only artists who sexualized human being in ways never before. But instead of girls wearing short clothes, men were.
What I liked about this video is that those men don’t have a perfect man body or what prompted to be perfect , but they are confident and happy with it .. I wonder if there is a woman artist with a normal body or stretch marks or Cellulite and can be proud of showing it up and be confident about i

8.Maroon 5 – One More Night

Why do i feel like so many people come back to listen to this legendary song! In case someone does not understand that. The woman does love his man and the man adores his wife and kid. However, he is on a low budget and the only way to get money now is to box. The woman feels sorry for him because she sees how he is always hurt and she can’t stand it anymore. She wants to “save” him by leaving him. She knows that a family like that just won’t work.

7.The Script – Hall of Fame

This song relates so hard to Kobe Bryant, who unfortunately passed away earlier today due to a helicopter crash. The way he played basketball changed the game forever and deserves his spot in the basketball Hall of Fame!

6.Eminem – Not Afraid

When your being bullied and you are feeling Hopeless than remember this song so now you feel strong. I think Eminem is such an inspirational rapper and all his raps/songs are so good i absolute love him 2020 addition!

5.Eminem – Lose Yourself

Even if You Hate EMINEM You Gotta Respect, How Great he is, He worked His ass off Started From the Dirt To be Becoming One of the best in the Game. One of the best Example of Pure hard work With Passion for Life and Career!

4.5 Seconds of Summer – She Looks So Perfect

I wish we could go back to the days when 1d and 5sos songs are played where ever you go, Ahh the memories, me and my sister used to watch this together when we were younger, ohh I wish I could go back to them good days♡

3.Katy Perry – Dark Horse

Re watching this Week later, I realized a few things: Katy’s supposed to be dressed up as Cleopatra, she was eating hot Cheetos, in the first scene the blue parts in her hair is hieroglyphics, the blue people are wearing sneakers, Katy says “Aphrodite” because it’s Greek and Cleopatra was Greek and Egyptian, this is my all time favorite song and I’ll probably have this song stuck in my head forever.

2.One Direction – Steal My Girl

I can’t believe at how many people still listen to this song because it’s so good!! When I listen to One Direction’s music I always get a deep nostalgic feeling and it makes me want to get up from where I’m at and look outside for some reason ?? It makes me restless 😭❤️

1.One Direction – Story of My Life

Don’t cry because it’s gone , Smile because it existed.Okay but this song holds so much nostalgia for me. I was never a huge one direction fan, I liked their music but I didn’t know every song or anything like that. But this song. When I was in 8th grade, this song had just came out. I was on a trip to dc with my friend and we listened to this song on loop. Literally everywhere we went, the entire trip this song played in our crappy headphones. I came back to listen i it and wow. Nostalgia hit me h a r d. It’s crazy how one song can hold thousands of memories.

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