The special episode of “Friends” is expected to be finalized during the summer!

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Their special reunion was scheduled to air on May 27, but the shooting date was postponed again due to COVID-19.

And now EarnerMedia Entertainment and producer Bob Greenblat have revealed that the shooting of this special edition will be finalized in late summer.

Speaking to Variety on Monday, the 60-year-old said all possible preparations were being made by then.

“At first we thought the filming would be delayed for a month or two at most, but now it looks like it will be much longer than that.”

“We are waiting for this reunion to take place hopefully by the end of the summer, if the stars are in good condition we hope we can return to filming,” he said.

However, Bob noted that if home stay orders continue for much longer, they need to find a solution through a virtual route.

“At the moment, we are trying to look to the future and do it in a more conventional way, and I think it’s worth the wait,” Greenblat said

Courteney, who played the role of Monica Geller, in February spoke with great emotion about the reunion of “Friends” after so long.

She expressed that although the cast of actors are still socializing and have good relations, now everyone will join for the first time in a room to discuss about the show.

“I am very excited, we will have the best time. It will be great, “she said

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