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Top 10 Most Viewed One Direction Songs!

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One Direction was undeniably the biggest boy band of this generation, with an immensely successful career from 2010-2015. The group has won nearly 200 awards, became the first band in the US Billboard 200 history to have their first four albums debut at number one, and sold out stadiums worldwide with ease. It seemed as though the group was unstoppable.


Remember when u first joined the fandom? Remember when it was the hot mexican one, the curly one, the blonde one and the ones who’s names you always got mixed up? Remember begging your parents for concert tickets? Remember Kevin? Remember when u used to sit in your room and listen to lyric videos trying to remember the lyrics as u sing along. Remember the vines that harry made? Remember the pink and purple backpacks, posters, t-shirts and blankets?

9.One Way Or Another

I like to imagine that maybe one day, One Direction will come back. I mean its 2020. Can we not just please have this year to have One Direction. I hope that when they do come back, they’ll read all these comments on their channel and see just how much the Directioners missed them.

8.You & I

Did anyone notice how in this mv that all of the boy had found themselves and how they jumped back into their own body. And not Harry cause he hadn’t had found himself. And how some ppl ask on why Harry was running like what the point is in running? Like could he be running to find something or to somewhere or running away from something? Maybe he was trying to find himself. And in how people where fangirling over the close up 2:46. But if you look closely you can see how his eyes are red and puffy and watery. Harry can’t find himself, is running to, from, or to find something, and he is upset. And there is more to this video than we all thought.

7.Kiss You!

The fact that even if they do get back together the music will never be like this, this era of music was the best and it will never be like this again, the rush of watching them won’t be like it used to be, all we will feel is nostalgia. i miss the days where we didn’t have to worry about the future

6.Live While We’re Young

I think being in a band is so underrated and meeting each other at a competition and becoming a band coz the judges felt they would make a pretty good team…..they all got along so well none of them had ego they all appreciated each other so much and that’s why they are the best band!

5.One Thing

I hope you guys make a song again even if it takes a decade. I will support you guys forever. I ALSO HOPE THAT YOU FORGIVE ZAYN. He was struggling with himself that time. SPREAD THE LOVE ♥️

4.Best Song Ever

Nobody: Not a single soul: One direction:makes Zayn dress up as a girl, Liam dress as a choreographer, Harry dress as a salesman, Niall dress up as some boss dude and Louis dress up as the other boss dude then trashing an office I can’t even-😂😂😂

3.Story of My Life

Okay but this song holds so much nostalgia for me. I was never a huge one direction fan, I liked their music but I didn’t know every song or anything like that. But this song. When I was in 8th grade, this song had just came out. I was on a trip to dc with my friend and we listened to this song on loop. Literally everywhere we went, the entire trip this song played in our crappy headphones. I came back to listen i it and wow. Nostalgia hit me h a r d. It’s crazy how one song can hold thousands of memories.

2.Drag Me Down


1.What Makes You Beautiful

This song is soooooo cute. Its about a guy who likes a girl because she “doesnt know shes beautiful”, and thats what he likes about her. He likes that shes not cocky and arrogant about her looks, but modest and has a good personality instead. He looks past her looks and sees who she really is inside, and he finds her perosnality attractive, not just her looks. Every guy needs to be like that.

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