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WHO IS James Charles Dickinson !

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James Charles Dickinson   an make-up artist and beauty YouTuber born on  23May 1999  

He is from  Bethlehem, New York and is openly a guy

Charles is most known for his Youtube Channel wich is all about make-up and beauty, launched on December 1, 2015. He currently has 19M subscribers, making him the  #1 of the most subscribed beauty guru.he has over 2billion views in this videos.

 He is also known as the first EVER youtuber who has lost 1million  subscribers in 24 hours due to the “fight” with Tati Westbrook.

It all started at Coachella when james posted a “swipe up” Instagram story promoting Sugar Bear Hair (liked from kardashian-jenner and other influecers) wich is the direct competitor with Tati’s supplement brand, Halo Beauty.

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After Tati seeing THAT of course it did not sit well with her, so she made a post on insta story saying:

“Everybody says what they need to say and uses who they need to use, and I have had about enough. It’s not right.”

After that james posted another instastory saying he’s very sorry and never meant to damage her in any way possible, and didn’t get any money to promote Sugar Bear Hair, continuing that he is devastated that hurt someone he truly loves and has endless respect for.

And the drama goes on… when tati posted a video “BYE SISTER” saying that he is using his fame and power to play with pleople’s emotions, after that video james lost 1millino subs in 24h, and tati’s subs increased by 4million subs on the same time.

Charles later posted an 8-minute “response” video tittled Tati, addressing the issues raised by Westbrook, apologizing to his fans,her and her husband,

This video got mostly negative commets and dislikes becoming like this one of the 10most disliked videos on Youtube history. (sorry sis)

Then on May 18 2019 Charles made a second video 41-minute addressing the comments made by Westbrook entitled “No More Lies” presentin evidence appearing refuting many of Westbrook  accusations. After this post he regained a million subs and tati lost two hundred thousand.

Tati then deleted the video BYE SISTER from her YouTube channel

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